Cheque Truncation System

Cheque Truncation System

Cheque Truncation System for banks image based cheque clearing. The power of the solution is a single installation can cover remote scanning from multiple banks and branches. across the zone. In fact this is ready for all zones centralized operations. CTCS is a unique offering to banks for their dream CTS operations and provide everything that customer requires from the product. In fact the idea to develop this was started by looking at the products being used by banks were seems to be having gaps and not well parameterized. Looking at the need for a good solution that is parameterised and helps banks to quickly adapt updates from NPCI and RBI we at IIT Solutions Private Limited has come up with innovative parameterized software solution called CTCS (Centralized, decentralized, remote and mixed operations with CBS, partial CBS or TBA branches) covering all requirements.


  • The modular design helps bank to set more efficient operations like a production factory.
  • Batch creation, scanning, correction, verification, digitally signing and archival for a single batch can be done by different users and step like scanning, correction and verification are possible in parallel for 1 batch by 3 users to optimise on time.
  • Each transaction has user name and time stamped for data and images as created and modified.
  • Multiple clearings operations are parameterized and can be set to start in minutes.
  • Outward clearing modules cover Remote scan without database.
  • If desired at single location multiple banks using single database is possible and is particularly useful when a bank takes over other bank.
  • A good amount of parameters are available to process IW, OW, IR and OR operations.
  • The installation parameter ensures the installation to start of operation within a day for smaller banks. We have run all clearings on day 1 itself including installation.
  • System is ready to be used and this includes non MICR locations also.
  • Reports from the system have flexibility to select date range (from to), Clearing type, group by (Branch, Transaction code etc), Summary or detailed. More reports can be customized.


  1. Software and Scanner at each bank allowing a late cut-off time.
  2. In lieu of the above - carrying cheques to another location takes away the whole essence and benefit of cheque truncation and it becomes a nightmare for the sake of compliance.
  3. Easy to adopt to the existing setup.
  4. User friendly.
  5. Flexible and adaptable to the Indian environment.
  6. Robust and time tested.
  7. Being used by several banks.
  8. RBI compliant.
  9. Bringing you the best of both the worlds.