Document Management System

Document Management

Document Management System with unlimited documents type with unlimited indexes, user access control at document and sub document level with user defined workflow for each type of document independently, Annotations, version control of documents and Account opening framework where forms are uploaded from branches and browser based guided data entry from images from any where.


  • Capabilities
    1. Extensive search and retrieval capabilities.
    2. Version control of documents.
    3. Security with easy access to documents.
    4. Storage management for document.
    5. Complete document activity tracking.
    6. Complete user activity tracking.
  • Security
    Allows you to grant document access rights to other users or groups in your organization.
  • Check-in/Check-outurity
    Track documents that users have copied form the network and notes when they will be returned. It also enables you to lock documents so other users temporarily cannot edit them.
  • Documents History
    Provides a log of every activity performed on a document.
  • Templates
    Lets you save forms or boilerplates created in any applications to be retrieved and used.
  • Storage Management
    Enables you to delete or archive documents after a specified period of time.
  • User Administration
    1. Define document type (HR File, Accounts invoices, maps, layouts etc).
    2. Create index fields with their properties (text, numeric, date )for the selected document type.
    3. For multipage documents user can define sections as set of group of pages (like education certificate, experience letter etc. in HR) sections also can be defined for each document type.
    4. Depending on the desired workflow for the document type admin can define upload image files either directly or via approval processes.
  • Other Features
    1. The types of documents that are acceptable are pdf, tiff, jpeg, png, etc.
    2. We also provide version control of documents that are updated after check out and checked in. System maintains the complete history of the versions of the documents.
    3. Search files and documents based on any combination of partial or full field value.
    4. Adding new pages to specific sections of the file.
    5. Audit trail of the activities performed by each user the users during their login duration.
    6. Central database & repository for image files to authorised users.


  • Easy to use
    1. Browser based interface for searching documents.
    2. Fixed review and approve workflow.
  • Fastest out-of-the-box solution.
    1. Most systems require no programming.
    2. Deployment and configuring within a week,
  • Highly integrated
    1. Every component is fully integrated, third-party tools integrated at the library level and use common system admin tools.
  • Modular and Scalable
    1. Built on Customizable components.
    2. Components for text extraction etc. can be added to make it scalable.
    3. Storage of the documents can be on multiple machines within the network.
  • Extendable
    1. The product is developed on windows platform with MSSQL data base and .NET framework.
    2. nterface to other system can be developed with files, data sharing and API interfaces.