Mandate Management System

Mandate Management

A Mandate Management System (MMS) is a solution which helps in creation, amendment and cancellation of mandates used for NACH debit transactions. The MMS handles mandate processing and validation and forward the data to relevant destination via NPCI. The system also handles incoming data from destination via NPCI and updates the records and stakeholders accordingly. The system is designed according to NPCI guidelines, practices and standards. Security, messages and other standards need to be maintained as required by NPCI.

Our proposed MMS solution is web-enabled for all including scanning, data capture, enables and ensures integration for multi location, multi institutional end to end debit and credit transactions derived from the mandates.


  • Image-based Mandate Capture Solution
    1. Scans images using CTS scanner and capture data efficiency, accurately.
    2. We can also provide OCR and ICR capabilities reducing processing time.
    3. The entire system is web based and the initiation, online corrections (update/ amendments), cancellations are part of the workflow maintained within the system.
  • Transaction Processing
    1. Originates workflow based specific to the institutions for their outward transactions,
    2. Through host to host the received Inward transactions follow the inward workflow and routing this through to the decision to credit or return the same.
    3. The entire system validates all the transactions as per guidelines of Acts as a valuator for mandate and transaction status.
    4. All the transactions will have the user and activity time stamp from start to end of each transaction.
  • Reports
    1. The reports will cover all the desired formats by the bank and will be updated from time to time.
    2. We will also provide a strong transaction search facility for the current and past transactions. .
    3. In case customer desires we shall develop a report generation tool that will provide statistics and representing these in other representation formats.
  • The core banking or other institutions legacy system interface
    1. The file level interface with any core banking software is easily configured by the banks without any changes in the software provided by us.
    2. For validation of accounts we should have the accounts database daily updated at our end OR we will need the API gateway where we submit the account number and in return we are provided the account credentials.
  • Repository Management
    1. This is configurable for the images inside or outside the database in a mapped directory.
    2. System hardware combination to be designed as per the volume to be processed regularly.
    3. The database use is MSSQL 2008 RDMS for integrity and security.